8 Ball Pool APK – How to Download It on Your Android and iOS?

8 ball pool

Mobile games, if they need to be successful enough, need not have high-end graphics and similar gizmos. What you would need is a simple gameplay and easier interface. 8 Ball Pool form Miniclip Games is indeed the right choice in that direction. One of the most popular 8 ball pool game options you have, Miniclip 8 Ball pool is worth playing.

8 Ball Pool Game – An Overview

8 Ball Pool is the number one pool game internationally, and we are glad to let you know that the game is now available on Android. Miniclip has introduced the 8 Ball Pool game making it your best pal when it comes to the pool games currently available on Android.

8 ball pool

You can either decide to play in a one to one combat or choose to enter a tournament with the 8 best players around the world. The online game lets you play that you can engage in a one to one encounter with your friends or any other random players across the world. You stand to experience the unique gameplay that you have always loved in 8 Ball Pool variant, but – in addition, there are several additional features. You will go on leveling up as you continue playing and winning and thus compete against the more challenging opponents.

What Makes 8 Ball Pool an Interesting Game?

The Miniclip 8 Ball Pool is also referred to as Solids and Stripes. In fact, Eight Ball Pool from Miniclip offers you all the action that you have come to find on a standard 8 ball Pool game. Well, there are several features that make it a perfect choice for the 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer options you may have.

Miniclip 8 Ball pool

The first and foremost feature that we would vouch for would be the Chat option, which could probably be the first time on Pool Game app. The latest update has added the option to personalize your chat options. Moreover, you get enough time to plan your shots and in turn plan your game strategy.

You have the option to gauge the strength of your opponent. The ratings of each of the online player lets you analyze the efficiency of your opponent and thereby plan your moves in an efficient manner. The game is quite easy to play. Just sign up with your Facebook or Miniclip account and you are good to go.

One more feature that has impressed us quite a lot is the upgrade and reward system within the game. They are designed in such a way that your skills are improved with each of the game you progress with. We would definitely treat it to be one of the excellent games in the genre of 8 ball online games.

How To Download 8 Ball Pool Game on your Smartphone?

Well, if you are on Android, the game is available on Google Play Store. The app is available for free download. Just launch your Play Store app and search for Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Game. Allow any additional permission that it asks for. You can sign up for the game using your Facebook account or create a Miniclip account if you so wish.

Signing up for the service lets you save the levels that you have played so far. You would not be able to do save your progress if you play in the Guest mode. We would advise you to signup for the game so that you would be able to restore your progress even when you change your device.

Get your 8 Ball Pool from Google Play from here.

In case you are on an iPhone, or any other iOS device – you can find the game on iTunes. Get the best ever experience of playing the world’s number one Pool game on your iOS device with one of the excellent eight ball pool games. If you think you would want to get it on your iPhone, head on to your iTunes and download your version of the 8 Ball Pool game today!

The App In A Nutshell

App Name 8 Ball Pool
Developer Miniclip
App Version 3.12.3
Last Updated On Dec 15, 2017
App Size 55.2 MB
Compatibility Android 4.0.3 and higher

A few FAQs You Can Pay Attention To

Well, there are a few questions that you may have in your mind. We just thought of addressing them so that you would be able to get rid of the doubts you may have. Here we go with the FAQs that would be helpful for you –

Q – My Miniclip Account is Banned or Flagged
Ans – The servers will sense it when you use third-party tools to hack the game. If the servers find it, your account will be banned. If your account is banned permanently, your account will not be reopened, and the contents deleted. You would not be able to use the email associated with the banned account for creating a new account either.

Q – Getting Cues That You Already Have
Ans – The randomised nature of the surprise box will make it possible to get the cards that you already have. If you have more cards, your chances of getting these cards repeated would be low.

Q – How to get 8 Ball Pool unique ID?
Ans – The number will be generated when you open your Miniclip account for the first time. It does not change as long as the account is active. If you have forgotten it, you can find it by tapping on your nickname and profile picture. This will give you access to a host of options including your achievements, total winnings, and currency.

The Bottom Line

The free Eight Ball pool games have been one of the excellent when it comes to the pool games available for smartphones. The online game is an excellent option in terms of an enhanced gameplay. It is indeed an excellent option for the multiplayer pool games.

The regular updates that the game comes with is what makes it an interesting approach. Millions have liked the game and that in itself proves its capability. We are sure you would definitely like the game and that is precisely why we urge you for this pool game download.

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